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We support you and your clients by delivering a connected, caring, digitally enabled health care experience.

Access to the doctors you know and trust


Our passive PPO allows members to see providers both in and out of network at the same cost share.

An integrated approach to whole person care

By combining your clients’ medical and pharmacy benefits, we look holistically at everything that affects a member’s well-being, driving better health outcomes.

Simple, personalized and intuitive digital tools


With our simplified app and connected health support resources, we’re driving next-level engagement for your clients’ retirees, powered behind the scenes by market-leading technology and AI.

  • 4 Star National PPO is backed by a commitment to transform care and personalize service
  • Access a national network of over 1.3 million Medicare doctors, specialists, and hospitals
  • 93% member satisfaction rating among retirees*
    *Source: 2023 Anthem Customer Service metric analysis

Our Group Medicare Advantage Plans

Help your clients provide their retirees greater access, lower costs and higher quality care through:
  • Fully-insured plans with lower, fixed premiums and reduced OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits)
  • Access to providers nationwide
  • Option to design a tailored medical and/or prescription drug plan
  • Holistic care programs that focus on keeping retirees healthy and closing gaps in care
  • Seamless transition to our Medicare Advantage plans
Please email us to learn more about our plans.

The Blue Medicare Advantage Product Portfolio

For many plan sponsors, accounting requirements negatively impact liability when it comes to providing retiree Medicare coverage. Offering qualified Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans may help reduce liability while also providing retirees with comprehensive health care coverage.
Group Medicare Advantage
Prescription Drug Plans
Customizable Additional Benefits

Services and Programs to Keep Retirees Healthy and Productive

Our strategy is to drive better clinical outcomes by looking at each individual’s needs. We treat the person – not the disease. And because retirees will be approached holistically, we can ensure more of their needs are met and they remain engaged in their care.
Our support extends across the health spectrum, benefiting retirees at all levels of health. Our focus isn’t on managing specific diseases, but entire populations. We do this by addressing care gaps and promoting prevention, as well as treatment.